Tailor Made

We look forward to the opportunity of bringing your creative vision to tangibility.

Our tailors can craft a suit to your preferred cut: double-breasted, slim cut, Italian, or other popular styles. Like all fashion, business wear is an evolving art. Designers update older, classic cuts and styles for contemporary use.

With the everyday wearer in mind, Soto & Co. crafts wardrobes that meet your level of style and comfort. However, we have been known to push the limits and create some eye-catching and
show-stopping pieces not for the faint of heart.

Made to measure suits complement your unique form. Soto & Co. crafts attire that can and
should be worn whenever you want to show off your best you – every day! We understand that
off-the-rack, department store getups cannot replicate the comfort and style of a custom suit. Nor can they display the modern person’s individuality and flair.

Made to measure suits are customizable pieces that allow for individualization and are made to
complement your unique form. Soto & Co. will design a suit, down to the button stitches, that is undeniably you.

Your suit can be crafted from a variety of fabrics from silk to wool, cotton or linen.

Pick Your Poison

At Soto & Co., our process begins at fabric selection, where you can expect only the best Italian and English milled fabrics to be used in your suit. From here, the fabric is sent to our expert tailors, who will design the product based on your exact specifications and measurements.

Measure Up

Our enhanced Measurement System combines the traditional art of measuring by hand with the latest 3D scanning technology to achieve what simple measurements cannot. We use the shape and form of your body to create a truly custom suit. Unlike off the rack or Made-to-Measure outfits, our custom suits actually suit your body, and not force you to fit into a pre-determined form.


Our suits are all canvassed. This means glue is never used in the front panel, so you can re-tailor your suit years after purchase if you’d like. Our suits will mold to your body over time, move more fluidly, have a better structure, and have a longer endurance to dry cleaning. We will never fuse or half-canvass a suit, unlike many common retailers.


When your suit is complete, we ensure expedited shipping to your desired destination, so you have your suit when and where you need it. When you try your Soto & Co. suit on for the first time, you will feel the time and care we took to tailor the suit to you.

Happy Clients